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  1. ut2dc

    In my particular case, torrents are scheduled to run overnight, and they usually get hashed by the time anyone wakes up in the morning. To properly refresh the filelist programatically, i guess support would have to be added to the plugin API.. either that, or perhaps just an autohotkey script (find apex, restore window, ctrl+e, minimise window)
  2. DHT banned in hubs

    We understand it's their bandwidth and their choice to use DHT, and it's a great idea for internet hubs, but we're honestly doing it for their own good - people expect the campus hub not to use their limited, expensive internet bandwidth, and it hasn't done for the past five years. Making DHT difficult to detect will make DC an unsatisfactory solution for lan-only filesharing like in our situation. Simply put, the users don't understand why the hub is suddenly draining their internet bandwidth, despite repeated warning in the MOTD. We're doing this for their protection.
  3. DHT banned in hubs

    We run a large campus LAN hub, and having DHT enabled by default will cause the general users to use their limited bandwidth. We'll probably employ something similar to this script to block DHT-connected users in the hubsoft.
  4. How about adding an optional chat marker line, like XChat has, so that when you check the hub you can see where the last chat you'd read was?
  5. Delphi Plugin API

    stdcall would open you up to VB plugins as well.
  6. Connecting to DCDev Public

    Sometimes making a GUI isn't difficult. The hard part is responding to all the user's needs and requests. Here's a gui i made for adch++, but i since i can't make apexdc connect to an adch++ server for some reason, i can't test or release it yet.
  7. Hey, how about indents for chat names? lots of irc clients do this, so that all the actual chat starts at the same offset customizable colors for favorite users and their chat
  8. selectable tray icons

    In the meantime, there's reshacker
  9. Would it be feasible to add an option to pop-out the mdi windows? into floating ones? Since i started hubbing with the mdi windows not maximised i've realised that would be great, let you chat in more than one hub | pm, and do other things on your computer at the same time.
  10. just wanted to note that this crash is still present in 1.2 stable and a blank exceptioninfo.txt is generated. you can however still get file lists if you hide the transfer pane.
  11. I think it'd be more natural if the favourite hubs drop-down menu showed something more customisable. For instance, the hub's name, or description.
  12. WTL at least looks vaguely windows-native. Smartwin has a kind of uncanny feel about it.. I mocked up the dc interface in vb6, delphi7, and .net winforms, and compared them to both apex and dc 750. It's easy to spot gui inconsistencies when you're looking for them, but i guess it's not really an issue for the casual user. For instance, wxWidget applications to me have always seemed a little out of place.
  13. Is the smartwin gui toolkit (from the new dc++ builds) going to be used in apexDC? Personally, i don't like it.
  14. out of frustration i reinstalled strongdc and turns out it has the same problem. only, this time i got an exceptioninfo.txt out of it; Code: c0000090 Version: 2.22 a quick google links me to here and here - both forum posts from mid/late 2007. The first link finishes with the following unfortunate lines; So yeah, don't know what to do. I'm going to write my own DC client from scratch now, since i can't for the life of me get Apex to compile in MSVC. : (
  15. user list alternate colours

    i really like the user list alternate colours. however, they keep messing up, which is pretty jarring. i havn't isolated quite when and where it happens, but it's repetitive..
  16. I've the same problem. Sometimes, when i get a file list, ApexDC just closes... exceptioninfo.txt is a blank file. Bug happens in ApexDC 1.10, 1.20B as well as StrongDC 2.21, possibly in older clients as well.. I originally thought this was caused by NOD32? Someone on the forum was having trouble with that? So i uninstalled it and put norton on instead, but the problem's still there. I'm using the default windows xp firewall with exceptions for ApexDC. This wasn't always happening, but i can't pinpoint when it started. But it's really making the entire concept of direct connect hubbing pretty much unusable :thumbsup:
  17. user list alternate colours

    Here's an example of forcing it to redraw, by dragging the window half off the screen, and back again. In the next release, could you please make the backgrounds redraw when a user parts?
  18. user list alternate colours

    you turn it on in file > settings > appearance > options > 'use custom list background style', right down the bottom. i think that's it anyways. in response to your other thread, the xml settings are subsets of each other, so the style can be there in the themefile without being applied.. as for my problem though, it seems apexdc isn't forcing a redraw of the pane when a user parts. selecting an item, or dragging the window off the screen and back again, obviously causes the frame to redraw, fixing the graphics.. but that's silly, i shouldn't have to do that. can anyone reproduce this..? [on xp or otherwise]
  19. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    possibly not doing this right, but is startup.lua even parsed? typing 'bier', '/uptime show' etc and the things that the scripts specify, don't seem to have any effect..