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  1. Client Language

    Windows translation in Russian is quite good. Or I just adapted to it too much). I prefer russian translation if it's really good (I prefer official translations, as far as they could be normal). I do not like that "русефекатор" thingy. I saw an ok/cancel dialog in uTorrent with two "Отмена" buttons when using russian translation. Really, I'm not crazy . So, I dislike russian in uTorrent. But if translation is good, why not to switch to it automaticly and use your favorite app in your native language? So question is to make really good official translations, which would be included into distro. Switch back and forget . I can't remember any app I use, which do so and I dislike it's translation. Most commonly they do not now anything about OS language English, spanish, french and chinese are more common. Russia is a small country, you know :)
  2. [Bug] #Number of users missmatch

    Just jokin' in the way BM usually answers on bug reports :)
  3. [Bug] #Number of users missmatch

    His computer is just unreliable and can't count properly :)
  4. Client Language

    Nope, I mean switching whole Apex UI to correct language.xml file, depending on system language.
  5. [Crash] Apex 0.2.2

    We got such situation here (I mean, connection wasn't starting, but sources online and have slots). We found if you set priority to Pause and then return it to normal, it will start.
  6. Client Language

    Maybe implementing system default language detection and auto translation switching might be much better?
  7. Favorite Users List

    Simple - if someone report that he get an "no slots available" from you, you will be banned ;)
  8. Remove or Improve Tab Bolding

    I'd prefer not to bold main chat tabs if there are not any new messages. I mean, not to count Joins and Parts messages. I'm using them on, but tab "bolding" on someone exits sometimes confuses a bit.
  9. Link: 2 Toolbars For ApexDC

    Что-то превьюшек не видно :)
  10. Can`t add new files to share

    I've tryed on such driver once. It had an error while copying directory tree to another partition. Maybe you have same. Try to copy a folder containing subfolders to another partition.
  11. completed downloads

    How would you check if a folder is complete, if completed folders are being removed from download queue? Or you mean another notification?
  12. Then it should have another description. So, you won't make it in easy way. Let me state current problems again: - Download speed decreases a lot if other side (sources) is on slow connection. Even if it could be faster. - Download speed might stuck at all, if all sources were dropped and last source goes offline. So, as void mentioned above, you may change your dropping algorithm in case of high priority downloads. Or you may add an "autoretry source" to automaticly readd a dropped source after some time or on some event (another source goes offline). Or you may try to add "training" to explore real connection speed of the host. There are some online tools which can do so. You may also monitor current speed and approximate it to real - higher math techniques available .
  13. Leeching is about downloading without uploading, AFAIR. I think that it tends to be on *any* connection. You have download slots limiting after all. Hot discussion about one simple edit if(autoDrop) vs if(autoDrop && enabledSlowDisconnecting) Question appears - what for we have "Enable slow downloads disconnecting" option if it's enabled in any case. Unfortunelly I do not understand czech, only russian and english :)
  14. Your logic about leeching ain't clean enough to me. You see, I have 1M/1M connection which is relatively fast to our community - most have from 256/128 to 1024/256, but first is the most. So, almost every source is slow to me. And they can't become faster because of dropping sources. So, I'm a seeder who cannot download as fast as it actually possible . At my point of view, this feature is not anti-leeching, but anti-downloading. After all, faster I get a file, faster I will seed it! Even I would be on 256/128 this remain true. I like torrents, because they fast, do not have slots and stupid limits, but they really suck in sharing of lotta things. Doing torrent for every one file :-/. Crise Better tell us your point of view about all this things :)
  15. Whats the difference between slow and fast connection in the segment downloading algorithm? Some hardcoded constants? At my point of view, segmented downloading helps to maximize efficiency of up and down bandwidth usage! No matter how fast you are. So, as far as this algorithm should stay not for speed, but efficiency, it should be tunable for any types of connections. Bring us fine tune settings!
  16. Ok, StrongDC project's main page. So, this is why we're still using your software. Because segmented downloading allows us to improve download speed! We have a problem. A problem which CAN be solved. And all you can say is "f**k off guys, buy a good internet access, not my business". Good point. Next time someone will say your software takes lot of CPU, say, that their PCs are crap, and you can't do anything with this. And you would be damn right. I hope ApexDC developers won't be so selfish.
  17. Ok, say when, what all this "segmented download" thingy for? Why you implement it?
  18. Ok, sponsor our community (300+ users) to upgrade our network connectivity and we would agree with you. And don't forget, 10Mbps connection costs here only 2000$ per month.
  19. Waiting for ....

    Settings \ Advanced \ Experts Only \ Minimum search interval?
  20. Process priority

    How about making priority adjustment setting into Apex? Say, you need to work with over tools. Then, you just set low priority, so even if it take much CPU usage for some reason (checking TTH or so on), it won't slow down a lot .
  21. Oh, believe me, download 4Gb file with 3Kb/s with constantly droping sources is REALLY annoying. You see, we have not much fast speeds here, actually, most people on our hub have 256/128 connection speed. And we should open 5 slots as it mentioned in our hub rules. So, most sources have speed about 1-2 Kb/s. void can explain better, he made more investigation into this problem. I saw such behaviour, then all sources are dropped :-/.
  22. Sometimes this even cause that file has no source at all!
  23. How about not just displaying free slots, but also display number of users in upload queue? You may update it every 10 minutes, for example, to not to spam much. I've noticed, that free slots are also shown in search results on any client. Have looked deep into sources, but may it also possible to show free slots for every users (active way), not only Apex?
  24. Why slow users? And what do you mean by it? Slow users bug means it removes slow sources even if this option is disabled.