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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.0 (Preview 2)

    But why not? I don't think, that selecting between 2 algorithms is *very* hard task for an experienced programmer :D
  2. Permanent extraslots etc...

    No, no, I don't wish to add everyone to my fav users list. I just want such behaviour - if I gave someone an extraslot for a week, it will remain exactly week. Even if I and he will turn off PCs for night time (my PC is very noisy, can't sleep then it is on). 2Lee Why not to add a select box into options? If you didn't say, I would never find it.
  3. I'm using ApexDC 0.2.0 just for 2 days, but I very like it. My suggestions, hope your like them too: - Permanent extraslots. Or you call them with another term. Imagine situation: someone gives me an extraslot, but i need to reboot my PC. After rebooting, then I'm relogged into hub, I've lost my extraslot(. So I need to reask for, even it was given for a week. It is so if the person, who gave it to me will also reboot or something like that. Favourite users might be a workaround, but i trully wished to separate my friends and people to whom I gave an extraslot for a day. - One little feature, to have "Pause" menu option for a download from bottom list. I mean the list you see under the chat. So if I need to pause some of my downloads, I just right click on it and press pause, without openning download queue and searching for file. - And also, we need more options! . For example, we have superseeding, but we cannot configure it. We have emopacks, but also we can't configure (even simply select) them. And so. Oh, how about DC version, current Apex based on? Why not to write it on About dialog? Or you won't do any cvs/svn merge in future releases? Hope you accept this suggestions and add this features in future releases . -- Best regards, amp
  4. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.0 (Preview 2)

    I think you may also add an option to turn off superseeding.