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  1. Format text and show images

    Well you can format the text for you as you wish but for your eyes only, the style of the text wont show up in other clients. This way you won´t bother others with your big letters... This thing you are asking can be very bad for DC and I think will never happen. Posting images can be to advertise and spam.. porno pics and god knows what.. would crash servers... just forget about it hehe
  2. Game: Guess the movie

    Yes close enough hehe, 911 - Loose Change 2nd Edition. This film is a must see :(
  3. Game: Guess the movie

    Sorry Greg Ok this one might be hard <<removed>>. But this is a must see film!!
  4. Game: Guess the movie

    American History X
  5. ApexDC++ Wallpaper contest

    Nice shading of letters an the logo Can you upload the .psd file so I can make it for my widescreen plz :)
  6. ApexDC++ Wallpaper contest

  7. Show us your desktop

    Yep that´s about the only game I like to play hehe
  8. Show us your desktop

    Here is my Desktop
  9. Game: Guess the DC++ client

    NukeDC :)
  10. Game: Guess the movie

    Right. Score is... 1. RadoX - 3 1. Kulmegil - 3 2. Noctis - 2 3. Greg - 1 3. Satan - 1 3. Lee - 1
  11. Game: Guess the movie

    Hint: U.S gov wan´t to ban this film so he took a copy to Canada but now it´s all over the internet. ;)
  12. Game: Guess the DC++ client

    and he did ;)
  13. Game: Guess the movie

    No but thats another good movie by him like all his movies ;)
  14. Game: Guess the DC++ client

  15. Game: Guess the movie

    This is a must see
  16. Game: Guess the DC++ client

    DCGui ;)
  17. Game: Guess the movie

  18. Game: Guess the DC++ client

    NeoModus Direct Connect
  19. Game: Guess the DC++ client

    Correct. Current scores: 1. RadoX - 6 2. Spyke - 5 3. Greg - 1 3. Aztek - 1 3. Lee - 1 3. Crise - 1 3. Vidor - 1 3. Noctis - 1 3. Kulmegil - 1
  20. Game: Guess the DC++ client

    Here is one easy
  21. Game: Guess the movie

    Final Fantacy or 28 Days later ;)
  22. Game: Guess the movie

  23. Game: Guess the movie

    Yes it happend to me too when I used VLC player but it worked when played in WMP
  24. Game: Guess the movie

    Correct Kulmegil Scores RadoX - 2 Greg - 1 Noctis - 1 Kulmegil- 1