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  1. Apex 1.0.0 B4 Raw Manager

    I can´t find any command that shows comment from adlsearch in raw. The problem is that I have a lot in adlsearch and some TTH command in there is kicking for some bulls*** that it´s not suppose to kick for and I´m haveing a hard time tracking down that command. So if I would see what command was used in the kick messege for ops It would not be a problem tracking down.
  2. Apex 1.0.0 B4 Raw Manager

    I would like adlsearch items to be nubered or some id and and a raw command that would list what adlsearch item was used in the kick. Something like %[adl-id] $To: %[userNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> You´re kicked becouse: %[userCS].|$To: %[myNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> kicks: ( %[userNI] IP: %[userI4] ) becouse %[userCS] %[adl-id]|<%[myNI]> !tban %[userNI] 2 fake skrá %[userCS]|
  3. [BUG][0.4.0-1.0.0] There is not enough space on disk

    If you have a properly formatted NTFS disk then you sould move youre temp and inbox folder to that drive and change it in ApexDC accordenly and then you can dl that file.
  4. Crash info b4

    Here is a frequent crash info from one of my hub users... exceptioninfo.txt
  5. Crash info b4

    Well most ppl don´t know how to read the exception info so it´s hard to relate it to another crash
  6. Crash info b4

  7. [BUG][0.4.0-1.0.0] There is not enough space on disk

    You have to format the drive NTFS I don´t think convert is good enough
  8. My Top 20 used Programs

    I agree, I was listening to Napalm Death and haven´t done that in years and thay have some really good lyrics. You can´t understand a word Cannibal corpse are singing about but you know it´s some gore thing hehe
  9. My Top 20 used Programs

    Sorry I didn´t try EvilLyrics or I did in old version that only worked if you searched youre self. It´s way better to know what thay are singing about and english is not my defult language so It´s better to see the lyrics and read them while singer sings. In Death Metal it´s nessisary if you wan´t to know what thay are singing about hehe Learn the lyrics and sing along, great if you listen to rock. But if you only listen to pop or techno then you don´t need it. Lyrics is what make a good song great. :D
  10. My Top 20 used Programs

    I agree there, and the best plugin I have ever found is lyricsplugin for my Media player http://www.lyricsplugin.com/ but it´s not avalable for foobar only wmp and winamp. Lyrics are shown automaticly with each song, very good I use FoxitReader too, quicker than adobe
  11. My Top 20 used Programs

    I am on XP and I do need this programs. Maxthon - Have you tried it Unlocker - Needed NotePad++ - Notepad is not suficient at all for me. SnagIt - I´m not on Vista Ashampoo Burning Studio - Nero is bloted with stuff you don´t need, this is a good burning software Incredimail - I don´t like Outlook and this program has a nice interface and some good features TuneUp Utilities - wtf are you talking about, maybe on Vista Your Uninstaller! - Uninstalles better than any other
  12. My Top 20 used Programs

    You could try CDBurner XP pro or DeepBurner
  13. Your browser of choice

    Sorry my mistake 9.23 it is
  14. Your browser of choice

    Actually I have Maxthon 1 and 2, IE7, Opera 10, Firefox 2 and Avant browsers all installed in my PC all latest version. I am trying Maxthon 2 and Opera now (when I´m bored hehe) but still Maxthon 1 is my defoult browser. There are some new cool things in Maxthon 2 but like you say I have to get used to it. Maxthon has plugins and filters aswell as Firefox. Maybe you sould take a look at Maxthon hehe, Maxthon has every thing you need and want in a browser.
  15. Your browser of choice

    Like others I have tried other browsers like IE, Firefox and Opera but I always go back to my Maxthon classic... why? Though it´s based on IE that is in second place for security, it brings out all the security you need.. Maxthon has been called the fortress. I just love the interface that can be easilly changed to your needs and I never get any popups or floating ad´s. Ad´s are stripped out of pages and make load quicker. If you say Opera is quicker it has to be some ms cos I can´t see it load any faster than Maxthon. I love the clean up after I close the browser but that is in most browser now and the search bar. I have alot in favorites and browsers display them diffrently and thats where I hate Firefox. It put my IE favorite in seperate folder, this is not a favorite just for IE, this is the users favorite and all browser´s sould only use it. I´m not saying it´s perfect but it´s my browser of choise
  16. Somehow I think there is some limit how many hubs you can connect too and 54 hubs is quite a lot. :lol:
  17. Game: Guess the movie

    oh sorry hehe
  18. Game: Guess the movie

    The Wizard
  19. ApexDC++ Translations

    Aztek was right, the instructions in the rar file was not correct so here is the fix.. Íslenska fyrir ApexDC++ 1.0b3 Islenska_fyrir_ApexDC_v1.0b3_by_RadoX.rar
  20. Format text and show images

    It´s better to use links to images.
  21. ApexDC++ Wallpaper contest

    yes like I say´d would be good to have the .psd file hehe
  22. ApexDC++ Wallpaper contest

    Here is Greg´s wall with my kind of blue hehe
  23. ApexDC++ Wallpaper contest

    That is my resolution 1680x1050 on my 21" widescreen ;)
  24. Best public stealth client ?

    Hate theese clients, what would DC be if only stelthy clients were used. Stelthy is bad for DC comunity so stop using it!! P.S plz delete this theat :(