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  1. Game: Guess the movie

    American Gangster
  2. Game: Guess the movie

    Correct. Scores 1. Greg - 13 2. Calum - 8 3. RadoX - 6 4. Kulmegil - 3 4. Noctis - 3 4. Balder - 3 4. Lee - 3 5. Satan - 2
  3. PM send file

    Is it possible to have "Send file" in PM just like in msn messenger. Button that would open explorer to select what file to send and send it, the reciver would have to accept. basicly just like it works in msn :rolleyes:
  4. Game: Guess the movie

    Clue: Indians and Icelandic Vikings, came out around same time as 300
  5. Game: Guess the movie

  6. I have probobly asked for this before.. but I´m going to do it again muhahaha I wan´t to take out the icons in the toolbar that hardly anyone uses and replace them with the useful icons. Take out.. Search spy, Network statistics, Shutdown computer and Open filelist.. icons and.. Put in.. Refresh filelist, Open dl dir, Quick connect and Media toolbar icons. This would make the toolbar more useful for about 95% ppl that don´t know how to add them in from the settings or don´t know about that option.
  7. Game: Guess the movie

    Well Calum.... where is it.. I need some points hehehe
  8. Get IP for LAN IP auto

    I´ve seen this problem alot for users with laptops, thay sometimes swith between wireless and cable and therefor change there LAN IP. I think if there is a option to auto get internal ip like it does for WAN IP it would be a good thing. Maybe a option to make one internal ip a defoult one (Like the cable ip) and if not connected by cable it would use the wireless ip. For some routers thay use the computer name insted of ip (Like Speedtouch 585) so there would be no problem with the swith. For routers using LAN ip numbers it would be more problem cos thay only open one port for one ip, so you would have to open 2 ports and the program would have to change port number aswell. .......just thinking
  9. PM send file

    Maybe I want to send a personal file that´s not in share so that´s not going to do the job.
  10. I'm on the search for a new antivirus

    Kaspersky Internet security 7 is the best protection
  11. Game: Guess the movie

    Correct. Scores 1. Greg - 10 2. Calum - 5 2. RadoX - 5 3. Kulmegil - 3 3. Noctis - 3 3. Balder - 3 3. Lee - 3 4. Satan - 2
  12. Game: Guess the movie

    OK here is my last clue............ Rick Kirkham
  13. Game: Guess the movie

    He is a TV report man turned junkie, a true film made by his videoclips, he taped most of his life.
  14. Game: Guess the movie

    intresting film, just watched it the other day
  15. Game: Guess the movie

  16. Game: Guess the movie

    hehe no I was only talking about the kid in the picture hehehehehehe
  17. Game: Guess the movie

    Alien or Young Frankeinstein hehehehe
  18. Check if your temp or inbox is set to put files in H: then check your DL-queue list if it´s set on H: If tou see nothing there than..... Go to your ApexDC folder and in settings folder and open with Notepad the DCPlusPlus.xml file. Scroll down to the bottom and look for <Share></Share> and in between them check if any line contains the H: drive if so then remove it and save the file.
  19. Filelist check by cid

    ok tnx, good to know
  20. Filelist check by cid

    I was thinking cos I´m op on two hubs and I check client and filelist on both hubs so if a user is in both hubs it sould be enogh to check filelist once by cid if it´s possible.
  21. Game: Guess the movie

    The Contract
  22. Game: Guess the movie

    Evan Almighty?
  23. Game: Guess the movie

    is it See This Movie?