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  1. My BlackGreen theme

    I made another theme, wery plain and suited for most ppl I think Download
  2. My BlackGreen theme

    I have been useing this theme for few years and I still like it. Black background becouse light backgrounds hurts my eyes, and I get headake. Not good for someone like me who stares at the screen for hours. Some hate it but I love it hehe Download
  3. Apex theme

    Nice, great job :)
  4. Keine's DC Theme

    nice toolabar you got there hehe :)
  5. some feautures

    It could be done for users in fav users (friends) but there is a Ignore option for your d***heads, maybe it could be option to edit messeges for them. :)
  6. DC Server Software

    Verlihub Linux if it is a big hub, PtokaX on small (lots of configure and lots of scripts) or YnHub if you are beginner :)
  7. Why make a client that destroys DC++?

    I would take that out, It only work if you are always refreshing the uselist and most ppl don´t know that and starts complaining that it sayd 2 slots but I did not get any and blabla ...my opinion :)
  8. Why make a client that destroys DC++?

    Does it show what user is limiting to, I have to know the speed. P.S what does it mean the number in description, this 2 = [2][L:60KB] :)
  9. Why make a client that destroys DC++?

    I like that ApexDC 0.2.1 puts limit speed in descriptions so ops can have it under control. But does it detect a NetLimiter in computer as the icelandic mod DCf++ did, I really liked that. Simular like what ApexDC does, it showed {L20} in description if user was limiting with NetLimiter at 20kb/s. If ops can see it, then limiting can be used without abuse. I know cheters always find away but this would make it hard to limit for most users.
  10. Made a simple userlist icons for those who don´t like the connection type icons Download
  11. And here is my emotion pack Maybe not high quality but it´s fun. I set many command for each smiley so it works better with other emopacks. I made this pack some time ago becouse other emopacks did not work well with dark background, but this does Download
  12. Why make a client that destroys DC++?

    well and thay sure won´t hear of it if thay never see it :shifty: and hubs that does not let ApexDC in are just stupit and not worth viseting hehe
  13. Icelandic translation for ApexDC

    I did finish the xml file, but there are missing many lines in the original so I can´t :shifty:
  14. Here is the translation of ApexDC 0.2.0 But thare is missing some words to fully translate it. In Fake detector - raw commands and all in security tab Download
  15. No userlist firewall icons

    aa ok :shifty:
  16. No userlist firewall icons

    I can´t see the right icon for passive users
  17. Cannot use translation

    I translated ApexDC++ 0.2.0 but when it runs in ApexDC none of the icelandic chars shows. Missing: áóyýþöíæé Is this fixable with some settings or is this a bug? :shifty: Sorry I found out what was wrong, did not save it in UTF-8 This thread can be deleted
  18. Why make a client that destroys DC++?

    Maybe it should be a maxlimit-limit, can´t go lower than 20kb/s or so, so ppl don´t abuse the limit. I would get rid of DC++ emulation in the client, I hate fakers. Limiter sould be visible to op's at all time aswell. I allow limiting in my hub but no lower than 35kb/s but some ppl are always trying to limit to 1kb/s. No hub will tolarate that. Lamers and fakers make DC bad so don´t support users like that by giving them tools to cheat
  19. RadoX toolbar for ApexDC

    oops! hehe fixed Yep you are right, I will add it in first post and with the file.
  20. What I would like 2 see

    This is fixed in ApexDC, it was StrongDC who did not export all. /ut This works with ApexDC not my old StrongDC but I would like to see it in bottom line hehe. And thanx for this DCclient, good job I love it :rolleyes:
  21. Toolbar buttons: "Download dir open" and "refresh filelist" Share: Make it inpossible to share folders with the same name, otherwise it´s not possible to download from them. Thems: Inport/export of all styling, including UserList style. botton line: see uptime of the client Thats all for now ;)
  22. RadoX toolbar for ApexDC

    Toolbar 2 ready see first post. I would if I could do better drawings then that, but I can´t.
  23. RadoX toolbar for ApexDC

    I made another toolbar, version 2 not finished but here´s a screenshot Screenshot of v2
  24. RadoX toolbar for ApexDC

    I´m done Did it in 24, 26, 32 and 48px so ppl can pick the size thay like, I like it in 32. Screenshot Download RadoX-ApexDC-Toolbar Is this ok? :D
  25. RadoX toolbar for ApexDC

    Thanx for this lesson in alpha, I´m going to make another one from scratch now. :D