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  1. Download disconnects

    There is another error users are reporting to me and it´s disconnect related too, but users are getting disconnected by hubs getting this error and btw the hub did not close: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. Seems to be something wrong with connection in Apex :)
  2. Download disconnects

    how can that be if this is direct connect betveen users
  3. ApexDC++ Translations

    Icelandic for ApexDC 0.2.2 Download
  4. [Support] MyInfo spam

    I see that nobody really knows wuy this error comes. I would think that client is sending MyInfo too frequently to hub, but in what cases does it send MyInfo other then connecting to the hub and refresh filelist? I did a test refreshing filelist often but I got no MyInfo spam, is there some way to genarate this error?. Doesn´t the programmers know anything about this? What sould I tell user who is getting this error and is asking me wuy he is getting it? (other than dunno )
  5. [Support] MyInfo spam

    This user was useing the old icelandic client dDC++ witch is based on old iDC++, many ppl still use it without getting this MyInfo spam, this is not a common problem in the hub but I have been useing DC for many years and I have seen this error from time to time but I have no answer for that user. Maybe it´s a strict hub but I think it´s fere for all users.
  6. [Support] MyInfo spam

    Is there something the user can do when getting this messege, I told him to get another client. *this user was not useing ApexDC btw, i´m just asking about this error.
  7. TTH acting strange

    Don´t know if it´s a error or not but it´s acting strange. Seen this twice, someone is dl tth from me and it dl it over and over again very fast (dl starts - done - dl starts - done.....) Well I find it very strange behaveure. Is this a bug or??
  8. TCP problem

    What router do you have? What firewall do you use? I see this all the time in my hub so I remote to the user useing LogMeIn Rescue, what I find is that the settings in the router are wrong or the user did not open port on the firewall (It´s not enough to allow the program on the net, you have to open port for it on most firewalls). You could shut down the firewall and test again to see if the firewall is the problem (That includes windows sp2 firewall). Be sure your wan ip is correct in the DC program and not in the bind address. Try to use your LAN IP in the bind address. Check the box "don´t allow hub/upnp to change the address" Be sure that there are no spaces in front or back of ip address or port. If this does not work and you are sure that everything is configured right than try another port
  9. TLS

    I use same port TCP=1412 UDP=1412 TLS=1412 1. This does not give me errors as it sould if same ports is running for two applications. 2. If TLS uses TCP port it sould be named TLS/TCP and you sould not be able to use the same as you put in TCP. 3. As of now, can TLS use the same port as TCP but missing the error? 4. Wuy use TLS?
  10. TLS

    Thanx balder for the info. This encryption could be useful but I would like it to encrypt TCP and UDP when it is possible (auto) so users would not have to know how to use it cos it would be implemented. Get rid of this certificate, I can´t see how that is going to be useful. If certificate connection can not be done than it would be without certificate, unless you must use it to get connection to other users. I´m going to stop think about this now im getting a headake. :)
  11. TLS

    So what I understand is the hub must have TLS for it to work (no hub software have this now if I´m right). I need to trust someone on the net that i´ve never seen (not likely). I need to genarate certificet and let the hub and user have it (wtf and for what) only use it for adcs and adc (what´s that and what for) Wuy have this in the client if it is in beta end thay haven´t figure it out how to use it. How do thay ecpect normal ppl to understand all this. And finally, is it not going to increese the hub work dealing with this, expesialy when hub is running with 1000 or more ppl. bwaaa this is hurting my little brain I would like to know what is the point of this and wuy do I need to encrypt my transfer I don´t like this at all, so should TLS port be blank. Sorry my english
  12. oDC reject!

    oDC and all DC++ older than 0.307 are not supported anymore. Upgrade your DC program.
  13. some people like old dc

    Only 20 ppl who would have to change theire clients, sould not be hard. oDC and DC++ older than 0.307 should be banned.
  14. some people like old dc

    How many ppl are useing opsolite clients in this hub?
  15. some people like old dc

    Some ppl don´t like changes even if it is better. If software would not develop we would be useing Win 95 or some, I would not like that and I doubt you would like it eather. Nobody can support this ppl if thay don´t want to update, then this is there problem and thay have to deal with it. There is no good reason for them to continue with old unsupported DC.
  16. TLS port

    wow, nobody is going to understand this. Is this something we need to have in clients? This is not going to make DC easier. And wuy are thay putting this in clients without some explanations how this works.
  17. TLS port

    I would like to get more info about this TLS port and how to configure it. I use TCP/UDP/TLS all on port 2412 and it seems to work. Is TLS a port standard or is it encryption for selected port?? Need more info about this, can´t find any good explanations about this in the forums.
  18. Mouse / Keyboard Buttons

    It works for my keyboard when running ApexDC 0.2.1
  19. Mouse / Keyboard Buttons

    I don´t think this has anything to do with DC programs. Volume by keyboard is controlled by the keyboard driver and does not have anything to do with other programs, not even media players.
  20. Smiles in magnet links

    1. You don´t have to make 2 spaces to get a smiley, 1 space is enugh and most ppl do 1 space before thay use smiley. And there is a space in front of every line you type in DC so you don´t have to start putting space before code. 2. Link fix would only work on links but nothing else. 3. Open smiley pack .xml with Notepad and put space before every command, it´s very easy. 4. I don´t know wuy other smileypacks are buggy and no one fixes them. Not only the code cos the graphic af some packs are not alpha leyerd and work badly on dark backgraund. 5. No need for space after, works fine only with space before. 6. Have no idea what you mean by hacking. 7. I see that Lee is going to put space before code so you don´t have to hack the xml hehe. 8. Try the pack before you critisize this fix, and yes this does fix it. 9. Finally, I have no idea why I put this post in numbers :)
  21. Clear Chat Button

    wuy clear the chat :)
  22. Smiles in magnet links

    Don´t know what you mean, you don´t get smylies like this:) but you get smiles when there is space before like this This works trust me, you wont get any smylies in magnet links and thay don´t pop up where thay are not suppose to popp up. you can test this useing my smylies pack. http://strongdc.berlios.de/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3901
  23. Smiles in magnet links

    I know a fix for this and if you test my emotion pack you wont get any problems with smileys. You can get my smileys here: http://php.internet.is/cyberpimp/ The simple fix for this is to put space in front of every smiley command. Like this <Emoticon PasteText=" " Bitmap="RadoX-Pack\RadoX_002.bmp"/> :)
  24. [Crash][0.2.0]

    You have to use the newest version before posting a bug, this bug is maybe fixed in newest version.
  25. IP country recognition

    update your GeoIP database file (Help - GeoIP update) and put it in settings folder under ApexDC. Restart ApexDC and it´s fixed :)