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  1. how many people believe that april fools jokes can only be played on april first. if people believe this then lee's post was premature and that can contribute to people believing that he released a new apex i know i believed it becuase the post date was actually mar 31 not april fools day

  2. ok i would like anyone that knows about the new ADC raw commands to try and help me on this i have a raw command that used to work in DCDM and i believe i used it in PWDC but now i cant get the cheating description to work they raw is

    $To: %[nick]From: %[mynick] $<%[mynick]> AUTO KICKED BECAUSE BAD SHARE: %[cd] Share:%[shareshort] (%[share] B)|$To: #[KickReport] From: %[mynick] $<%[mynick]> AUTO KICKED --> Nick:%[nick] IP:%[ip] Client:%[clienttype] Tag:%[tag] Share:%[shareshort] (%[share] B) CD: %[cd]|<%[mynick]> !kick %[nick] !AUTO KICK --> %[cheatingdescription] <--- Share:%[shareshort] (%[share] B)|

  3. my apex was crashing alot in a week and this is the exception info for the last time

    Code: c0000005

    Version: 0.2.1

    Major: 5

    Minor: 1

    Build: 2600

    SP: 2

    Type: 1

    Time: 2006-09-04 22:09:07


    c:\documents and settings\crise\desktop\apexdc\client\user.cpp(39): Identity::getParams

    c:\documents and settings\crise\desktop\apexdc\windows\hubframe.cpp(1266): HubFrame::addLine

    c:\documents and settings\crise\desktop\apexdc\windows\hubframe.cpp(823): HubFrame::onSpeaker

    0x0290E00E: ?

    0x00A0005D: ?

    0xAC458BA8: ?

  4. i have quoted my exception info file i closed my dc deleted the ignores.xml when i opened dc again it crashed 1 min into it

    Code: c0000005

    Version: 0.2.0

    Major: 5

    Minor: 1

    Build: 2600

    SP: 2

    Type: 1

    Time: 2006-08-18 12:20:38


    l:\lf share\unshared\apexdc\svn\client\user.cpp(39): Identity::getParams

    l:\lf share\unshared\apexdc\svn\windows\hubframe.cpp(1266): HubFrame::addLine

    l:\lf share\unshared\apexdc\svn\windows\hubframe.cpp(823): HubFrame::onSpeaker

    0x0454D0B0: ?

    0x00D000DA: ?

  5. :D The time when apexdc will be released in when will be published :) so

    The Release Date Is..........When Its gonna be released :)

    P.S. KserX has passed ....its 29 July

    srry to burst your buble but thats not a date and if it was then like 30 people would have won read whole post admins said that isnt accepted

  6. I have modified the logo a bit and this is what i came up with no big changes but i added a bevel and boss as well as burned the blue abit this is just a sample of what i think would be cool

    And yes this is PNG ;)


  7. Zebedee @ Aug 2 2006, 10:29 PM

    ~Don't struggle with an ext ip changing.... get a DynDNS or no-ip account they are free

    put that in instead and run the updater.... changing ip blues go away - except as previously stated the odd "you have supplied an invalid ip message" just after your ext ip has changed and before the updater has caught the new ip

    if what you posted made sense we would care but no-ip wont help keep you dc DLing when ip changes i have no-ip

  8. okay... I have my fingers X'd for a MUCH earlier date, but guys, my birthday is June 24th.

    If I can't have it before then, it would make a nice birthday present! :D

    um when that was posted the date was so passed lol the one before it was posted 7-30 2006 which is july 30 2006 if you didnt know

  9. i dont know if anyone posted this but i had and idea looking at some programs i use my idea is to put a little internet type thing into Apex so that we can be on the net in a tab in APex so as to not lose a web page while talking to someone