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  1. Linux version?

    the actual linux version will it be nearly as good as the windows version im asking for a friend or 2 they run linux
  2. Hub Info

    will there be a hub devoted to only APex Users like the old peerweb community hub?
  3. peerweb dc++

    so if i read one post right Apex will be able to follow you port forward if you have a router and get the real ip instead of 192.168.* like it gets in PWDC
  4. Op-client ApexDC++

    i know i can but this post confused me will i be able to be say reg in the hub and still see my op commands or will it be smart and take them off like it should
  5. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    august 7 2006 or when the dev team is done catching the bugs lol
  6. Op-client ApexDC++

    wow this post just confused me what if i want the op version of this client becuase im op in most places will i have to run the less good non-op one in the other hubs? or will it be smart?
  7. User commands issues

    i want to make a custom user command that will lock main chat and set the topic of a hub i have a command that doesnt want to work and i was wondering if anyone would be able to help the command i have is $To: <botname> From: %[mynick] $<%[mynick]> !mainchat %[line:On/Off]|$To: <botname> From: %[mynick] $<%[mynick]> !topic %[line:Topic]|
  8. User commands issues

    i saw this idea for the user command as a usercommand on the ynhub guide it was meant to be used in the hubsoft but i want it so anywhere where i can lock chat and set topic i can do this instead of getting all the hubowners to set it