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  1. Raw Help Needed

    ok i would like anyone that knows about the new ADC raw commands to try and help me on this i have a raw command that used to work in DCDM and i believe i used it in PWDC but now i cant get the cheating description to work they raw is
  2. April Fools: ApexDC++ 1.0 and PeerWeb DC++ 1.0

    how many people believe that april fools jokes can only be played on april first. if people believe this then lee's post was premature and that can contribute to people believing that he released a new apex i know i believed it becuase the post date was actually mar 31 not april fools day
  3. webserver and the notepad

    i dont know if anyone would really use this but i know i would the notepad availible when logged into the webserver
  4. webserver and the notepad

    to copy stuff to a friends comp from the webserver so as to not have to wait
  5. Toolbar improvements

    i like the fact i can now edit ignored users in setting but i dont like the new tab icon the green and red boxes the computer monitor icon was better but needed a bit more color on it
  6. WebServer Resizing

    hey i was playing around in the webserver and i noticed that the webserver is really small for the amount of space it has on the page and i was wondering if we could get an option to resize the webserver
  7. webserver options

    hello i was looking at the webserver and i like that you can search for files and DL them but i was wondering if we could get a grant slot function over webserver and maybe be able to increase DL priority
  8. [Crash][0.2.1] Cause unknown

    my apex was crashing alot in a week and this is the exception info for the last time
  9. [Crash][0.2.1] Cause unknown

    actually my windows user name isnt crise and it just says that i dont know why but i want the crashes fixed
  10. ApexDC++ crashed on open

    i have quoted my exception info file i closed my dc deleted the ignores.xml when i opened dc again it crashed 1 min into it
  11. For the Op version

    i like the multi hub kick and ban i want that in Apex op im tired of banning Flooders individually from each hub
  12. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    srry to burst your buble but thats not a date and if it was then like 30 people would have won read whole post admins said that isnt accepted
  13. ApexDC++ revealed!

    reason why is cause of the images that were posted as the official one
  14. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    IF its out today who is closet from the posts previous LEE or Crise
  15. Testing PWDC connection settings.

    yes doesnt it get annoying when you looking at someone and want to get a file but you cant DL from them cuase you both passive lol i think thats where the colors help
  16. peerweb dc++

    ok i didnt understand the post you made i know what you were talking about and i think someone should show newbs how to do this i have done it but i dont feel i can explain it well
  17. ApexDC++ revealed!

    I have modified the logo a bit and this is what i came up with no big changes but i added a bevel and boss as well as burned the blue abit this is just a sample of what i think would be cool And yes this is PNG
  18. peerweb dc++

    if what you posted made sense we would care but no-ip wont help keep you dc DLing when ip changes i have no-ip
  19. Internet type addin

    i dont know if anyone posted this but i had and idea looking at some programs i use my idea is to put a little internet type thing into Apex so that we can be on the net in a tab in APex so as to not lose a web page while talking to someone
  20. Internet type addin

    ya besides the fact the program sucked the broswer at least functioned good
  21. Internet type addin

    well i know that but it didnt harm real player or Game Spy Arcade
  22. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    um when that was posted the date was so passed lol the one before it was posted 7-30 2006 which is july 30 2006 if you didnt know
  23. Linux version?

    are you going to give them more features? please no i want them same level so i can say mines better and be totlly lieing
  24. peerweb dc++

    i saw that and i have checked the box but i still cant stop my external ip from chanhging then have to update dc settings
  25. peerweb dc++

    ok this will be good becasue my ip changing sometimes withou warning then i cant DL till i change it and that can be hard sometimes