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  1. VlaJe po screenshotu se vidi da je u pitanju Windows Vista? o.0 Btw., Alt+PrintScrn daje samo aktivan prozor, a PNG daje cistiju sliku:

    hm izgleda je ipak samo tema za xp? :F

    Meni se desava identicna stvar kao i tebi ali me zanima kako si resio problem ako te ne mrzi da mi objasnis

    Naime ja sam instalirao prvo vistu x64 pa sam imao problem, posle toga je masina radila nekoliko meseci na xp-u 32bitnom pa sam sada instalrao ponovo Vistu ali 32bitnu i opet isto pada posle par minuta u proseku

    Ako si resio problem napisi mi kako ako nisi i to bi bilo lepo da napomenes

  2. almost all programs crashedon my x64 xp before ( apex usually crashed every time i switched between tabs ), but since i've updated my video driver ( nvidia ) to the current one they share on their webpage everything is stabile .... try this if you have nvidia video card(s)

    just an idea, but a log would be useful to find out what's the cause

    Updating driver for NVIDIA to a version from 26 of september did not help to solve the problem

  3. Can you be more specific, 'turn's off'? What does? Apex or the whole PC?

    Ok I'll explain everything in more detail. My system works fine, operating system is XP64 cpu 2,66 core quad 4gb ram (2x2gb) graphics 8800gts

    apex works fine for some time and then shuts down for no obvious reason without crashing any other program or any message

    like I said, I have no firewall

    Regards, and thanks I'll try to get the newest drivers from their site (graphics)

  4. Actualy this is whole description of my problem. Apex 1.1.0 is simply crashing for no obvious reason on xp64 bit. There is no firewall except windows (turned off) logs on normaly and after some time just turns it self off. Logs on to hubs and to other users for download, search works.