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  1. i don't think my internet connection can go past 11.2 mb/s.


    Enable Multi-Source: Disabled

    Manual Settings of Number of segments: 1 (u just type it, don't use the arrows)

    Just now i clicked to download from a specific user, but because of this Multi-user BS, it downloaded from some1 else in that grouped list. I'm bothered with the fact that it queues every1 on that group, i just want to queue what i want.

  2. Ok... i had enough of this "multi-source" downloading. I want to download files just like old oDC did... if apex finds the same file from different users i don't wanted to be grouped, if i right click a user a user to download that file, i want to be downloaded by that user, not from a random user in that group. I just want 1 user from my files that i select and download.

    So, is there any thing i can do to stop this multi-source? i just wanna see ONE USER not "5 Users", and this TTH Incosistency is the most annoying thing i have ever heard.... if u'd keep it like oDC: simple and working, it'd be very nice... now i'm downloading with 9 kb/s thanks to "8 Users" instead of letting me choose the users (just like i did on oDC, if the speed was horrible, i press delete to stop downloading, go to queue, search for alternates, and choose my user... and i know what users are the fastest cuz i know with what ISPs i have the greatest speed).

    I just want to get rid of this: when i right click to download a file that's on multiple users it just queue the whole list of users instead of the user i choose.