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  1. License

    Sorry for the delay, but I give permission to use the Nerdcore icon set. Let's just say I release it under public domain.
  2. Public Development Starting

    Awesome, looks like we're getting somewhere, and FINALLY a daemonised DC client... this is just great. I will finally be able to put DC on my server and connect to it at will I've learnt quite a bit about C++ and abstract structures etc. during this semester, so I might just be at the stage where I can actually comprehend at least a little bit of the code . The semester is almost finished, I only have two weeks, two weeks break and exams, so I will look at the code, see if I can contribute and do what I can The non-windows world needs a DC full featured client. @Hitman: LinuxDC++ isn't too bad, and there's also GtkDC which is pretty much the same thing but libified and less featured :)
  3. Linux Project Development

    Hmm is that what you're supposed to use on a proper POSIX system? Or is that just a "quick fix" way of porting Win32 to Linux? Edit: Guess it's what you're supposed to use since there's a Semaphore.h file in the client dir , lots of reading that though. How are you actually porting this? I noticed the Linux sub folder but when compiling it still uses the /client dir etc, are we supposed to just modify the files in there and get it to compile? Might take some time to get familiar with the functions and data types... I'm bored ****less though :D
  4. Linux Project Development

    Like I've mention on IRC/hub, I might be able to help out but it depends on how advanced the code is and how it compares to my skills... Currently I don't really have that much experience with coding, I've finished my first year of Computer Science at uni so I've done a year of C, Java and Assembly. Next year I'll be doing quite a bit of C++, and unfortunately Java, so my knowledge will be greater during/after the first semester. I do use linux etc, as you know, but I haven't really developed anything that uses external libraries (apart from a "Hello World" GTK app :blushing:) so I'll have to learn that. Anyway you'll probably need all the help you can get, and I like to think of myself as a quick learner The LinuxDC++ devs might be able to help as well.
  5. Development, program versions

    Great to see this being at least planned! Linux currently has really really bad support for Direct Connect, not even having a stable DC++ port. If this gets pulled off I bet that 100% of the linux users that use DC will switch to ApexDC++ (they are probably running PWDC++ with wine anyway )