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  1. Dude english

    that sentence reminds me of some swe.... fishslaps :thumbsup:

    anyway, this is what babel fish made out of that post.

    I have a logon to Internet with chiavetta umts of the THREE, have tried to unload music with e-mule but I have a low IP and the slowest drainage also modifying doors and firewall…, has said to me that the chiavetta of THREE and protect and with e-mule it is not succeeded to unload I would want to know if with apexdc it is possible with acceptable speeds Thanks

  2. Microsoft are in the process of releasing Windows 7 Beta to the public (which is why their website is getting hammered).

    You can download the public beta early, from Neowin... but you must remember to grab a key when they're released later today. :P

    Anybody already using it, what do you think of it?

    I personally believe it's much more stable over Vista. :)

    more stable and slightly less resource hungry than vista, but i still hate the user interface :) .

  3. Well toasty, i can only say that i'm sorry for the events that occured in the last month or so, and it's also sad that you're leaving the development scene.

    About taking down's sad that you had to consider and use this course of action because of some idiotic teens from some wannabe teams, and i can only hope you reconsider your actions.

    Oh, and please don't leave dc++, it's always fun having an argument with you or just watching while you're pissing people off :)