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  1. How evil are you?

    I just love blogs. Finally got me one aswell now Anyways. the reason why I posted was. I found an cool link. I don't wanna post it again so; How evil are you?
  2. IPB 2.2

    I gotta say I hate the new blog/myspace they've added to 2.2, it's bloating it.
  3. the pirates bay down :(

    Well, the police shut Pirate bay down for illegal buiness, although on the same servers as Pirate bay was on was alot of other company aswell, so the police will get a lot of people against them for doing that. Since these companies have lost alot because of that.
  4. A bigger chat message box

    Character count is not possible diffrent on each hub, only set able by user that would be then.
  5. tell us who you are

    name/nick(s): Martin / CraKteR gender : male age: 17 (september 27th, 1988) country: Norway zodiac sign: Libra hobby's : Code, then code, then code some more. on DC since: Almost 4 years.
  6. Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Alpha 2 (Bon Echo)

    Well I only tested on Opera 9. Depending on what your after and what settings you use I would guess you could make Firefox as fast as Opera. Reality and sayings is two different things though But I won't start that discussion. But, I wouldn't change anyways since I think Opera uses too much memory and has too many "fancy" features. I just installed the alpha now, the feature I like the most by far now is the new "Inline spell checking in text boxes", adding red lines under wrongly spelled words. Good for non english like me. :P
  7. Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Alpha 2 (Bon Echo)

    Greg, ask any Firefox enthusiast and you will get the answer that Firefox is the fastest so. Opera is good and all, however not Free and that really sucks in my eyes. Well it comes from Norway were I'm from so I should be proud but Noticed an bug with it though, on an homepage with switchable css files you need to refresh every single page to get it to change :lol:
  8. Internet slang

    Well, I haven't really been that much into internet slang like "WTF?" and so on, since I think they suck. However, I found this on wikipedia, all hail great big wikipedia, -> And this is gonna be my next most used word ->
  9. Internet slang

    FTW: for the win (used to express enthusaism or approval) (Less commonly known as "**** the world") WoW, I've always thought that was "**** the what?". oh well.
  10. Internet slang

    IIRC, I never use internet slang. =P Well, if you don't use internet slang ALL the time it's okey. but, there are limits ofcourse. Like "r u k?" then I would think "what the **** does that mean? typo?". But I don't bash people for using it, well, sometimes I do when they bash on my english. stupid c****. :P
  11. How evil are you?

    Well an blog is what you make of it, I made mine specially made for just me, I like my blog, that blog for the evil thingy, however, is not mine. This is an fist -> This is an fight -> Google rocks.
  12. Another Screen Shot

    Yea make more red and yellow arrows!! wee!
  13. Show us your desktop

    Well I got no idea what I was using then, It was 3 years ago. I used Samurize for the desktop. and icons and stuff from :thumbsup:
  14. Zion ++ project stopped, p2p banned in France altogether?

    Well, people could demonstrate, if there were enough I would guess the police coulden't take all, however if they had changed It again I actually donno.
  15. Another Screen Shot

    Yea. make all ways lead to the same thingy. then they can't miss it.
  16. Zion ++ project stopped, p2p banned in France altogether?

    Sure we can stop it. Kill all idiots. And how could you misspell my nick like that? >.<
  17. Another Screen Shot

    Oh I like that....
  18. Zion ++ project stopped, p2p banned in France altogether?

    Bull****! It helps everyone. And It's not really an diffrent story since everything is about money these days. They can do the same, I would think alot of people would be pissed then. donno what actually would happen.
  19. Show us your desktop

    oh oh. I found an old picture :thumbsup:
  20. Zion ++ project stopped, p2p banned in France altogether?

    Ofcourse they _can_. Bush could blow the earth into pieces if he wanted aswell. However, this is totally unnesecary, they just can't get it in there head that downloading illegal helps them sell more.
  21. ISP Database like in Zion Blue

    I love my ignoreframe <3 :(
  22. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    many cooks more mess.
  23. Show total users and share

    You need an bugtracker. I do, it rocks. see.
  24. Show us your desktop

    Here is mine, and no, It's NOT an joke :(
  25. Restore Last Session

    Well you could just add an timer to automaticly save the log files after an minute or so.