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  1. right i meant apexdc would not make the page visible. It all happens internally and the results are parsed to the program. something like that

    Edit: i searched a bit and i found this:

    External IP numbers are reported by function FindWebAddress(). It does this by making a connection to URL 'checkip.dyndns.org'. To see why, open this URL in your browser. It returns the IP number of your machine as seen from this site. If your machine is behind a firewall/router this number will differ from the internal IP numbers found earlier. Of course in this case the IP number found will in fact be the IP number of your router/firewall.

    FindWebAddress() uses the WinINet API to make a connection to 'checkip.dyndns.org' and to read and parse its HTML source to find the IP number hidden in this HTML source.

    from Codeproject

    i hope this helps

  2. Hello all, congrats on the project. keep it going

    Can u enhance the "Get IP" option so that it finds ur external ip in case ur using a router?

    I dont know how exactly u can do that but isnt it possible to do an HTTP GET to www.whatismyip.com for example and parse the results?