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1) Currently if the search results are not expanded, searching in results only seems to take into account the top-most result of each TTH group. For example, if a group has the top-most displayed result as "ABC 01.txt" but there's an alternate name "ABC 001.txt" hidden in the non-expanded group, searching for "001" displays nothing, even though the "01" group contains the "001" result hidden. Why can't it search through even the hidden/non-expanded names instead (automatically expanding as required)?

2) I have often found that on searching for say "ABC", I get results like "ABC 01.txt", "ABC 02.txt" and "ABC 04.txt". For some reason "ABC 03.txt" doesn't show up initially, even after waiting for a long time after the search has hit 100%. However, on browsing the file list of a user who has these files, I see "ABC 03.txt" in there, and then switching back to the results tab now shows that the missing file name has been added to the list. So why was it missing in the first place, and why do I need to double-check the user's file list to confirm its presence? Would love to see this "missing results" bug fixed.

3) The toolbar can have a quick search text field (ctrl+4), but the only way to jump to that field seems to be by using the mouse. Ctrl+S always opens a new search tab, so why can't we have say Shift+S (or some other free shortcut) to jump to the quick search field?

4) The history for the normal search tab and the quick search field seem to be connected, so searching in one adds the search terms to the other as well. Nice. But purging the normal search tab's history doesn't seem to affect quick search for some reason, and I haven't found a way to purge the quick search history at all during a session. Why not have the purge button affect both equally?

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