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Lua modules, initiating file list refresh

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So I've been experimenting with the lua plugin, and found out quickly that if I wanted to use any lua modules (e.g. require 'socket'), I needed to recompile the lua plugin to link dynamically to lua51.dll, rather than statically. This was at the recommendation of some people in lua's support irc channel. After that, I was able to link several lua modules to lua 5.1 source, and by putting them in the same directory as apexdc and lua51.dll, along with the lua plugin, I can now make http requests and use perl-compatible regular expressions!

Just thought I'd share that, and if needed I can post some rough guides. Everything was compiled using mingw on an x64 platform, but could easily be compiled on 32-bit as well.

Anyway, the real reason I'm posting is I can't figure out how to monitor my file list for new files so that I can announce them.

I thought about periodically reading the files.xml.bz2 from AppData, but it turns out this doesn't get saved to disk unless someone attempts to download it or I do "Load own file list", so the new files don't show up.

I looked at the plugin API a bit, but don't see any method of controlling the file list refresh/rehash sequence and it appears that all the base commands, including /refresh are in a Windows API callback of some sorts, so I'm writing to ask if there's another way to either detect that a given file/folder has been hashed and in the file list or initiate a refresh.

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