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Dynamic priority adjustment -> STATIC priority

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Hello guys!

Congratulations for apex - it's fantastic!

But i'd tell you a possible (and i think easy to implement) emprovement:

With the transition to 1.2.0b has been activated something like automatic priority adjustment (or probabily i hadn't noticed it before...) that changes program's priority (that be displayed by task manager) on the fly.


Since i've got old hardware (read 512 MiB DDR - 200 MHz bus - pentium 4 northwood) i was used to lunch apex with a batch file containing

"start /low C:\programmi\ApexDC++\ApexDC.exe" and it worked well.

But as the priority get increased just a bit, all the system gets unusably slow.

So i'd suggest to add a simple setting to get the priority fixed on a state.

I hope this could be useful

Again congratulations!

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