Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.0 Beta

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Here's another pointer :P


Let us know what's setting it off, what settings you've changed from default, etc. Is it private messages?


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Anyway, as i'm here now...

i dont have a clue whats setting it off, its different from time to time, some while i'm using Apex, others when i have it minimised and afk, if it is PM's then it must be overloading on them or something, i have changed the tab rows to 8 but was the same with 5, apart from colour changes and standard stuff like min search interval changes, the rest is pretty much unaltered from the original setup.

With version 1.1.0 i crashed maybe once or twice, with this version thats now 31 times in just over a week, the rest of the settings are great, better downloads, no stoppages, no IP blocks etc so i'm lost as to the reason behind it.

Only noticable changes to date since i installed 1.2.0 are :-

Crashes randomly

After a period of time the right click function for my pc fails (possibly not Apex related but only started since the install)

and when clicking the hub tabs, sometimes the hubs dont appear when clicked but the tab remains on the previously highlighted one (again possibly not related and not so much of an issue, just thought i'd mention)

As i said i'm kinda new at this forum explanation stuff so i apologise in advance if none of it makes sense.

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How healthy is your PC?

I would suggest trying some malware checks. Have you noticed any other PC problems not related to Apex, just in general?

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I've been having a couple problems with the first beta. First off, I can't get rid of a download that completed a while ago whose files I then deleted. Every time I start apexdc, it tries to re-download this file from the hub (it is 6gb) and, since there is no "Cancel Download" button, there's no way to get rid of it ("Close Connection" and "Remove User from Queue" would seem like plausible alternatives, but they dont do anything). Also, the status bar for downloads alternates very rapidly between "Download finished, idle..." and "Download Starting". It the D: counter on the bottom of the screen goes up as if the file is downloading anyway. In addition, apexdc uses 20+% cpu while downloading.

My relevent specs are as follows:

* Intel Q6600 @ 3ghz

* 4gb ram

* 32 bit vista ultimate

Everything worked fine before the update.

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`scuse me.

How did you get rid of unwanted downloads until now? Have you not heard of deleting entries from download queue? I mean, how difficult could it be to go to "Download Queue", locate the file you do not desire anymore and delete it!

The "close connection" does exactly what it's supposed to do: it closes the connection you selected. That doesn't mean it also permanently stops the download.

"Remove user from queue" will stop downloading from that user and make ApexDC++ "forget" that it has the files you wish to download. That, of course, until something is done to re-add him to the queue. This is user-based, so nothing is done about the actual file.

There is no "cancel download" button or menu option in the download window, and it is my opinion that things should remain that way for the sake of download file integrity.

That having covered the basics, are you actually saying that ApexDC++ attempts to re-download over and over and over again, even after the file has been removed from queue? Can you check whether or not the queue appears to be correctly written in the XML file upon exit?

Oh, and, related to the alternation between "download starting" and "download finished" - this is segmented download... download is "finished" every time a segment is finished, and it is "starting" immediately as Apex gets the next segment. The rapid alternation is probably due to a very good bandwidth or very small segments. Naturally the download counter appears to be downloading continuously... ApexDC++ actually does that. Being on hubs with MANY users and lots of activity, downloading many things at the same time, activating IPGuard with many entries and having an overcrowded queue is also known to take your CPU past 20%.

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I'm new to apex, I was not aware there was an actual "download queue" (I figured the window at the bottom was the down/upload queue).

I would assume this cancel download button would also remove the part of the file that had been downloaded thus far...

I removed it from the queue and all was well with that.

For the rapid alternating - this behavior does not happen in the stable version. If this is a "feature" what in the hell is the purpose of the progress bar? There are 64 users on our hub and not a lot of activity. Queue had 1 file in it, no IPGuard (we're on a university LAN closed to outside connections).

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