Announce Script Feature / Plugin

By definate in Feature Requests,
A really good feature would be the development of an announce script feature/plugin that announced new files when they are hashed. For instance, I am regularly getting new downloads put into several different folders, when new downloads go into them, I either need to tell people in the server chats or private messages that I now have new stuff, or they need to go and check in these folders for new files. It would be good to have the ability to announce it to several channels or similar, and perhaps have a RSS feed which could trigger downloads. (Just brain storming here) The only problem I see would be in ensuring that when hashing a new share, these are not announced, else you are likely to flood the channel. I am getting these ideas from the large communities around FTP sites and Torrent sites. These sites help people mass share new things by informing people of new things, and making it easy to automate transfers. The more this could be done on DC the more DC would become a de facto standard for sharing. Either way, it would really help for the few small communities I participate in, and I'm sure many other people would find this really handy. What does everyone think?
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