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i have noticed more than one user that nobody seems to be able to connect to in any way because of a "Connection Closed" message...

I would like to be able to set my bot (running apexdc) to kick if he recives connection closed 10 times (for example)

Info about him

*** Info on haxuser ***

Client:		OP Client: ApexDC++ 1.0.0B

XML Generator:	N/A



Tag:		<ApexDC++ V:1.0.0B,M:P ,H:2/0/0,S:2>

Supports:		MiniSlots XmlBZList ADCGet TTHL TTHF GetZBlock ZLIG 

Status:		Normal (1)

TestSUR:		File Not Available



Downspeed:	0 kB/s



Description:	[2]


Connection:	DSL


Filelist size:	N/A

ListLen:		42 B  (42 B )

Stated Share:	104,68 GB  (112.399.969.727 B )

Real Share:	N/A

Cheat status:	N/A

Comment:		OP Client: ApexDC++ // info: OP Client, Multisource Download, Limiting Feature, Emulation Feature

A few of users have tried connecting to him with no luck, tho others say he is downloading from them, this is BAD form of leeching and i want to be able to (automaticly) stop it :(

Thank You :(

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Funny that one of my beta testers doesnt use the last rc

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Hey Aztek! You get "Connection Closed" message when the user disconnects you. It could be either crap speed/poor lines, but if it's a leecher, it does it on purpose manually... Anyways: File\Settings\Advanced\Fake Detector > at the top, set the accepted number of disconnects (if you set it to 4, at 5th offense the set action will be executed); and under that (Raw Commands), assign a raw command to the "Disconnect Raw" cheat (first).

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