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Found 2 results

  1. Brief update

    Just a quick update to notify you we have successfully transitioned to DigitalOcean and upgraded our forums to the latest instalment of IPS 4. The server move has already proved to be a positive change in terms of performance and financial costs. We are now running PHP 5.6 and switched over from MySQL to MariaDB to follow the original developers - there's an article on this to bring you up to speed. Although releases have become less frequent, we do plan on catching up with the latest OpenSSL and DC++ security related exploits as soon as we can. Cologic provided an insightful article on some of the changes we're looking to include, alongside that pesky NMDC exploit.
  2. We have upgraded to IPB 3.2.0

    The forums are now running on the new flagship version of IPB. With this new release you should see a brand new skin and further improvements to the Tracker system. We may introduce a custom skin in the near future, but our concentration is on the next 1.5 version right now. We are currently working on merging to the recent DC++ revisions since we have fallen behind a little. Once we're at that stage, you should see some public testing before we release (to avoid any last minute hiccups).