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  1. Try to play with the router's SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) feature, if such available. And give it a time and restart to take effect. I was forced to disable it on my Netgear WGR614v7, even to connect to my LAN hub (PC next room). Maybe it is something that the developers should check, since I don't think a router feature like this should be disabled.

    Where would that SPI be? I checked on the router settings in the 192.xx web adress and didn't find it.

  2. Go into your connection details (double click the wee computers in task bar) and double check that under details your IP matches the reserved IP you gave yourself.

    My IP adress as seen in connection details is the same I put in the portforwarding for ApexDC++ and the "Network interface for all connections" in the Connection settings.

    However, my static IP starts with 192.xx but the external / WAN IP one in ApexDC++ starts with 69.xx.

    When I try to Check Connection, it says :

    Testing on address 69.xx.xx.xx

    Failed to connect on TCP 3456

    Connected on UDP 3456

    Partial Connection

    In my router, I supposely forwarded the ports 3456 for TCP and UDP to the adress starting with 192.xx.

  3. I used to adjust everything, got a static IP and forwarded the ports as they said, but my ApexDC++ still won't connect to the TCP one and I still can't search.

    By the way, I didn't find ApexDC++ in the program list, but achieved the port forwarding as they said anyway.

  4. As for the guy with problems with his TCP, I keep getting a Partial Connection and I can't search for anything. Uploading seems to be working ok. ApexDC++ seemed to work fine until the day I changed router, I'm now with a D-Link DIR-615. I followed all the steps on how getting Active and getting a Static IP adress, and I think I forwarded the ports correctly (used the port 3456), but my TCP still won't work and Apex DC++ still won't search. It does work in Passive, but I want to get in Active. I have Windows XP, but the UPnP doesn't seem to work with this router...

    Anyone can help?