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  1. Seriously, this is the big thing that is getting me down about Apex and open source development forums in general. Somehow the GUI is second class citizen or worse.

    I do not say let's make it all work through f**kin wizards, but isn't it reasonable to have a clean and easy to understand GUI? Apex is really one of the simpler and nicer applications I use (me being a graduate CS student), but it has annoying glitches like this, that nobody is willing to even consider fixing.

  2. I had an active download running of a file that I did not want anymore, so I went over to Download Queue tab and removed it. The file got removed from the queue, but download attempts did not stop, switching to infinite loop of "Connecting..." / "Download finished, idle...". It looks like downloads engine kept trying to download the file. It did not get any progress though, although before I removed the file from the queue it was downloading ok. After I restarted the client everything was normal.

  3. If all of the following:

    - minimize at program startup

    - configured to connect to hub on startup

    - that hub sends more than a screenfull of text on connect

    Then the main chat screen contents for that hub are not drawn (no text) when I restore the application from tray. After any operation that leads to redraw (scroll/resize/chat) all the text is shown correctly.

    Not a big one but annoying since those are exactly the settings of my home hub.

    Probably related to this one: Hub windows empty

  4. Are you using version 0.3.0 or 0.2.2?

    There are more buttons in 0.3.0 than in 0.2.2 so you can´t use this toolbar image in 0.3.0

    Im using 0.3.0. I'm not using any of the new buttons, so it doesn't bother me. Thanks for the great toolbar btw :blink:

    Hope you understand this.

    Cool, it works! :) To add a tool as the first one on the toolbar, I just have to add it second and then delete the first one!

    Is it really that hard to add up/down buttons? And I also don't like that it allows to put multiple copies of the same button.

  5. You are correct. Change that to misleading text :)

    It is not something that is widely known, never saw anywhere outside this forum. So it requires explanation.

    For example on the Sharing page in preferences, there is an explanation on what Small Uploads Slots are (BTW, that should read Small Upload Slots :blink:). So "User with fireball" => "User with fireball (fast uploads)"

    • Bug : when some buttons are removed from the toolbar through customization, it looks like its apparent width does not change (blank space is left to the right). So when I dock winamp toolbar in the same row, it shows fake "more buttons" indicator (see attachment).
    • Feature request : I like winamp toolbar docked in the same row as the main toolbar. But each time I restart, it jumps back to the next row. Very annoying, you should save toolbar positions between sessions.
    • Feature request : overall toolbar buttons customization should be improved. It should be possible to change button positions (up/down in the right list). Currently any button you add goes to some pre-defined position on the toolbar, and you have an option to add as many separators to the end of the toolbar as you like. What is the point to allow adding separators, if you cannot put any buttons between them?