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  1. Nobody will help you if you refuse to help yourself. :) As Lee said, test RANDOM numbers. And there are recommended figures in the guides. It is not that we are providing a hostile support or some personal attitude, you will just end up with no answer in any support forum. Try to read before asking and you will save time mainly to you. :)

    P. S. I will try to make up smth now, since I am quite bored and a bit annoyed.

  2. It's connected to the hub, just can't seem to be able to connect to other users.

    This is not what Lee asked, check your Connection settings in Settings! You can be connected to the hub with mis-configured options. There are fine guides, check the section, link in my signature.

  3. Hello,

    This is really strange, I can't reproduce fully the situation right now since my humble server has just one drive, and it is Linux, but I see all the shared directories on it (three).

    Please provide more details about both computers, especially OS-es, firewalls, etc...

  4. Здравейте,

    Реших да помогна за новия превод на 1.3.1. Работя върху английски, но преводът на Шерифа е наистина много добър, за което го поздравявам. Направил съм много малко промени и се надявам да допаднат.


  5. Thumb up everybody say

    When you try the appy you've gotta vote in this cool way

    Thumb up it's the right thumb

    No matter where you raise it you know that it is really well deserved

    P. S. Voted :stuart:

  6. Под няма как, исках да кажа, в БГ липсват добри админи, за да го направят. Докато има 1-2 скапани хъба, нищо няма да се получи. Чак когато изискванията се изравнят навсякъде, потребителите ще си обновят клиентите. Такъв си ни е манталитетът.

  7. Пропуснал съм това за Виста. Не трябва да се стои късно пред ПЦ. :) Проблемът е или е бил в UAC на Вистата! Той не позволява достъп за запис в Program Files на Hashindex и Hashdata файловете. Има две решения:

    1. Спира се UAC, аз и много, да не кажа почти всички други хора, го намираме за безполезен. С Гугъл ще разберете как.

    2. Мести се Апекс в папка, например C:\ApexDC. UAC следи само системните.

  8. PM from user marker:

    Hi, I cant upload an attachenment to my post. It is a translation of ADC to Czech. Mine folder seems to have 352.9K free space but when I try to upload the file I see only "Upload failed. Please ask the administrator to check the settings and permissions"...

    I tried FF 3.0.10, Opera9.62 and some older MSIE, same result. It is only my problem?


  9. You probably need to be registered to use the main chat or private messages. Try to send a private message to an operator, +regme YOURPASS or +report Please register me in main chat. Try also ! instead of +. Unfortunately, it is possible that the commands are treated as text too, so no output again. Read also the login lessage for info about how to register, or check the e-mail column in Userlist to get the contact details of some operator.

  10. I guess any name will do and Apex will scan the folder and try to match the cert you copied with the one the peer has, so that Apex really can assign it. Sorry for such an inaccurate answer, but I still have not used TLS. Feel free to check and observe difference, or google it...