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  1. May have been asked for previously, but it would be nice to be able to have multiple filters on a file list (e.g., "-noads" would suppress display of file names with that term; "green" would allow display only of files with that term; the two together would display only files with "green" but not "noads").

  2. There are no the information I needed.

    I search for the file format info (where TTH hashes are keeped).

    And how long the history of downloads is (in days, or in quantity of items)?

    See if this helps:!DF1631E91F1D2827!137.entry

  3. The HDD speed DOES matter.

    For example, an PATA drive will allow a Max write speed of 55Mb/s in every day usage, so how can you say it doesn't matter?

    I believe you are mixing units. A HDD's speed is measured in megaBYTES pers second, while network transmission speeds are normally measured in megaBITS per second. A typical HDD can writte WELL in excess of 100 megaBITS per second, while a typical DSL or cable connection is doing great if it can transmit at 10 megaBITS per second. So the disk is never a significant bottle neck in DL'ing.

    UPDATE: I just benchmarked a disk to disk (SATA to SATA) transfer of a single 4 GByte file -- it took 87 seconds. That's in excess of 400 megaBITS per second, or 50 megaBYTES per second.

  4. I've been using 1.01 since it came out, but I've notice that it won't start more than one DL for queued items, even if a search shows that open slots exist for online users. Further, it was very rare that more than one segment would be active at a time for the one DL that was working.

    So today I switched back to Beta 5 and it was like uncorking a bottle -- multiple DL's starting flowing at high speed, with multiple segments. I changed no settings -- just deleted the apexdc.exe and apexde.pdb files and re-installed Beta 5 in the same directory.

  5. Set the column width and order, then reopen the hub tab, settings will be saved (RTFM, it is mine). :)

    No, they are not saved; I want this order for hubs:

    Nick, Shared, Exact Share, Slots, Connection, Hubs, Description, IP.

    What I get (no matter what I do) is:

    Nick, Shared, Exact Share, Connection, Description, IP, Hubs, Slots.

    Similarly in search windows: the columns won't save in my preferred order.

    Using 1.01

  6. In DC++, the status log can be viewed as a tab. I don't see that this can be done in ApexDC -- I'm having to find the logs and open them with a text viewer outside of Apex. Am I missing something in Apex that would allow me to see the status log in a tab, or does it lack that capability?

    Using ApexDC++ 1.0.0B2