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  1. i have a problem with a raw on verlihub

    i want to ban an user for 2 weeks because he is using a leecher client

    the command should be :

    !bannick_15d <nick> <reason>
    so i use:
     $To: %[userNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> %[userCS]|<%[myNI]> !bannick_15d %[userNI] %[userCS]|
    but it doesn't work
    $To: %[userNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> %[userCS]|<%[myNI]> !kick %[userNI] %[userCS] _ban_15d|

    this one works but still don t understand why the first doesn t work :)