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  1. We can debate this about wxWidgets and Qt but in the end I don't think wxWigets has anything better to offer that Qt doesn't. Important softwareed hardy bekleidung projects already use Qt for cross-platform one of them being Google Earth. And I don't think Google Earh is slow. Yes , Qt does indeed do its own drawing but there are various backends it can use to do that including one using OpenGL and improvements are always considered to make it faster.

    Anyway my experience is with Qt and that's what I want to learn. I've already used it in my project, found it to be appropriate for my needs and it's what I'd use for ApexDC. I also like the way Qt looks and the fact that its appearance can be easily changed.

    Actually the webserver code has some win32 dependant bits, see WebServerSocket::accept and the use of ServerSocket::incoming (also it has some unused members like a HWND that is never used anywhere that are win32 specific).