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  1. How do you mean you "can't find the file"? Have you found the file via search and added it to your download queue?


    I download a user list.

    Add a file from that list to download queue.

    APEX tried to download and "Could not open target file. The system cannot find the path specified"

    If I reload 1.5.4 the file is downloaded just fine. Of course I cannot do anything else because the required upgrade box appears preventing me from doing anything in apex.

  2. This update is coming up as mandatory for 64 bit. When I go to this version I cannot connect to anotehr user, I cannot download files. I can get filelists but when I try to download I get connot find file even when I just downloaded the list. How do I shut off the mandatory update??

  3. It appears that segmented download use a lot of network resources especially when only one user is online to download from. It would be nice if this was detected and switched off if only a single download source is online. I have had complaints that segmented downloads can request the file 50 or more times before the complete file is downloaded. This is a nice feature when several users are online making the download go faster but appears to be a resource load when only a single user is available.