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  1. Hello All & Marry Christmas!

    Apex v0.4.0 it's working fine on my PC :) , but I have a question : Why it's missing this option "Group search result by TTH", actually this option is default, but I dont like this option 'cause when I try to sort by user in Search Result I can't - pls integrate this option again.


    Good luck to all team of Apex!

  2. it IS possible but there's no reason why it should be done. :)

    the reason is because there is a lot of users who still use the old clients :P

    For the Developers of ApexDC - it's possible to make somehow various share on each hub that I'm connected?

  3. Sorry if someone has wrote about this , but I didn't see anywhere.

    Is possible to make ApexDC compatible with the old clients (like oDC, DC-old version, etc) to can download the filelist from this clients (I don't know almost nothing about programming - so I hope don't put stupid questions).


  4. In versoin 0.2.2 when someone download my filelist, in "Finish Upload" doesn't appear anything. Why? (I wish to remain the user who take my filelist).

    And CRISE you don't answer to this: "I can't find the option to disable "group search by TTH" (it's a good option)."

  5. I think in version 0.2.2 it's missing something.

    I can't find the option to disable "group search by TTH" (it's a good option).

    If I'm wrong and I can't see this option, pls tell me where I can find it!

    When a (www) link is wrote in chat or mainchat he always has color white (I changed color, but nothing). Why??