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  1. The client should complain when it starts if it could not open the ports (i.e they were in use by some other application).

    I don't know how your net is setup but sometimes the internal ip can change, and then if you had set forwarding from the router it might now go to the wrong computer on your lan?

  2. adding more information to the filelists imho can be useful, if file creation date is most useful im not so sure though.

    The new partial file lists is one way that more info can be included without creating those huge numbers that you talk about BM, as most downloads now likely only will take a single folder and not the entire file list?

    Possible is one thing, whether it should be implemented is another all toghether though, as usual :P


  3. you will have to make three rules for your dc client,

    one TCP

    one UDP

    and last yet one TCP (this port number you should set in the TLS port setting in Apex)

    just pick three different port number and add those to your client as well and you should be fine

    any number (that isnt already in use) between 1024 and 65k will do just fine.

  4. :thumbsup:

    Then I am of no help what so ever, all I can offer is to wish you good luck.

    While port forwarding/NAT is usuallt pretty straight forward and not so very complicated, some router manufacturers manage to mess it up by providing a confusing interface (even D-link does that at times, even if they are as close to "routers for dummies" as you an get.

  5. as you said you reinstalled your os, are you sure you have the correct drivers for your mobo (as i asume thats where the usb ports are placed?)

    As far as i know the hashing mechanism uses standard os calls so if it doesnt work its likely the problem is not with your dc client but with your operating system (or hardware). For external drives there can also be a power issue but I guess that your external drive has its own power supply so that shouldnt be the issue here.

  6. there were two netcoretec routers on the portforward site, did you look at them? if the router is made by the same company its a good chance the gui are the same or at least very similar.

  7. There are a few possible resons for this, one is that the files are actually identical (check the TTH values from thefilelist, if they are the same for twofiles, the client will only download one of them).

    It can also be because you already have a file with the same TTH in your share, or because the filename matches the skiplist you have in settings.

  8. that message has nothing to do with you, its the other end that is not running as it should, it probably means that the machine is up but the hub isnt running, or it could mean that you have the wrong port for the hub (which ahs nothing to do with port forwarding at your end). Please check with a hublist if the hub is on another port, or with some friend that might be in there as it is impossible for anyone here to know about all the hubs out there :thumbsup: .

  9. I don't really have a good idea where to start, except that you could try and disable TLS

    (uncheck "Use TLS when remote client supports it" in settings /advanced / security )

    If that solves it then it could mean its a problem with either yours or the other clients tls settings.

    (you do know that you need to forward a second TCP port to use TLS)

  10. I know what you mean, many times it starts downloading from the top of a folder, sometimes from the bottom. It looks a bit funny I agree (specially sometimes when it seems to pick the files in some random order :) ) . I just never saw it as a problem, after all. The downloads will be completed just as fast (or slow :thumbsup: ) no matter what order the files are being downloaded in anyway.

    What I have done is setting up the prio settings in the queue tab, so that different sized files get different priorities.

    I have set it like this :

    Highest 64

    High 4 096

    Normal 40 000

    Low 99 000

    in addition to that I have set in the "priority based on filename" -box


    Depending on what kind of stuff you usually download you might have to change the sizes ofc, but the idea is that most of the files goes in at low priority, and then smaller files like mp3's and such gets the normal priority and thus get downloaded before the other stuff.

    well thats the idea anyway, if only i would get a slot someday :rolleyes: