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  1. LOL - dont you have something more interesting to waste your time with ? :D it can be explained much more easy.No need for any math.

    I cant get the purpose of this topic - if you all agree and all know it why make it ?

  2. Damn, sorry - it looks like it was some kind of windows bug (or after i compiled apex by myself it disappeared but very unlikely though..).Now it doesnt happen.And im sure that i didnt press any other keys or somethin'.

    BTW its for the IP filed in direct connection in fav.hubs.

    You may delete the topic now ...and sorry again.Next time when i have found some bug ill restart my PC and see whether it still exists.

  3. I think the chance of a user entering 39 char. long string is less possible than entering a string with caps lock on.It will be best if they both get implemented from a user's point of view, but we must try to save some work to our devs.

  4. Apex will only have to check the length.My point is that if your solution is implemented when someone enters something in the search with all capital letters apex will automatically switch to TTH and what - that user aint gonna find anything and blame apex for that.In SMT's way you dont have to write TTH or TTH: - just paste the code...

  5. 2LeX и чего теперь делать ? как брать файл-листы ?

    2all And what should i do for take file-list ? It will be able to take in next bulds?

    You cant do anything with the apex (or at least with the latest version).Tell that person to upgrade or you use some old client.And apex wont be able to support non TTH clients in any new releases.

  6. Long story's short: This feature could get alot of people into trouble !

    As said above, the 'problem' comes from the protocol, not from Apex or any other client.Blame it.

    And do I want apex to be able to report IPs - I don't care, really.But i think it'll be good if apex does - that way there will be more happy users :) .

  7. Currently, I think is a bug. Alot of "system-trayed" programs are using this.

    When I just want a quick preview on how thigs are going I just click it. Then I have to drag the mouse all the way over to the corner of the screen to click the minimize button [ _ ] and that implies alot of work :)

    Also, when I stay up all night I'm lazy. Go figure ;)

    A shortcut would be to click the program in the taskbar once. But sometimes, that's too far as well :P

    So I'm one lazy m0fo. Sue me ! ^_^

    My point is that once the icon in the system tray is clicked, and shows the program, another click on it shoud hide it. Or better yet, why does this program have to show up in the taskbar again ? :)

    You're one helluva lazy m0f0, dude.Even more lazy than me ;) .

    About the topic: I personally dont like the idea b'cuz when a user clicks twice apex tray,apex will show itself for 1s and minimize.ppl will think thats some bug.And yes, it can be done customizible, but I think that's waste of human resources.

    Use shortcuts instead.

  8. 1.I wanna thank Crise for helping me compiling Apex.

    2.I want also to thank all the devs, betas, subscribers and other users who helped build/improve Apex.

    So i wanna spare Crise some time by doing this updated guide:

    How to compile ApexDC++


    -VS / VC++ .NET 2005 (anything else except express edition is fine)

    -Patched WTL

    -STLport 5.0.1 or newer (don't use betas RC's etc.)

    -missing natupnp files

    This tutorial assumes that you already have ApexDC++ source in some dir on your computer and that You have installed Visual Studio / Visual C++ into it's default directory, also in different editions of Visual Studio / Visual C++ 2005 the paths to certain files or folders may be different. So ALWAYS check your paths, as the paths used in this guide are just examples. (they were the paths that I used for my Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition)

    Preparing STLport

    1. Download the patched version of STLport from and save it to apex source dir ( 'in my case - 'D:\cvs\StrongDC\' )

    2. Right click at the .rar archive and select 'Extract to STLPort\'.

    (Referenced as STLport dir)(its recommended not to rename anything after the extraction from .rar)

    3. Run the 'install.bat' ( which can be found in the STLPort dir ) file and wait for it to finish.

    4. Go to VS / VC++ 2005 look at the top menu:

    Tools > Options > Projects & Solutions > VC++ directories

    There you select Include Files (from dropdown menu) and you add the STLport header directory which is located in your STLport dir and named 'stlport'.( in my case - 'D:\cvs\StrongDC\STLPort\stlport')

    Then make sure your STLport header directory is on the very top of the 'Include Files' list.

    You also need to include the 'STLport\lib' dir into the 'Library files' ( in my case - 'D:\cvs\StrongDC\STLPort\lib').

    Move it to the top of the list.

    Preparing WTL

    1. Download WTL from

    (Please note this is a patched WTL) and save it to apex source dir ( in my case - 'D:\cvs\StrongDC\' )

    2. Right click at the .rar archive and select 'Extract Here'.

    3. Rename folder include to 'WTL' (Optional)

    4. Go to VS / VC++ 2005 look at the top menu

    Tools > Options > Projects & Solutions > VC++ directories

    There you select 'Include Files' (from dropdown menu) and you add your WTL dir

    (in my case: 'D:\cvs\StrongDC\WTL')

    Then click on the up arrow and make sure that the directory goes all the way to the second of the list.

    5. Make sure STLport is at the TOP of the Include list of VS / VC++ 2005 & WTL is directly BELOW STLport.

    Now you have WTL & STLport prepared.


    Get the missing natupnp files from: Here and put them to:

    C:\ Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\include\


    Compilation to .exe & .pbd :

    1. Go to the dir where ApexDC++ source is and find file named 'StrongDC.sln' and double-click it to open.


    (This was the thing that failed my compilation numerous of times)

    2. Near the toolbars you should see a box with either 'Debug' or 'Release' in it, if it is set to 'Release' leave it as it is otherwise change it to 'Release'

    3. Right-click the 'Solution "StrongDC" (8 projects)' and choose 'Build Solution'

    (after the first compile it's recommended to choose 'Rebuild Solution')

    4. Wait it to Finnish.

    5. After it has finished the .exe & .pdb file can be found from the ApexDC++ source dir in 'compiled' directory.

    Please report for errors (language and topic related) and for broken links.

    NOTE:Im not responsible for any damage done to your PC following this guide

  9. If You want to stop downloading a file You must remove it from the 'Download Queue".To do that just click at the "Download Queue" icon in the toolbar (hold your mouse over each icon to see what's it about), then select the file(or the folder) You dont want to download , right click at it and select "Remove".