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  1. I use EiskaltDC++ on Linux. One feature I really like and would like to see in ApexDC++ is the side tab bar, it makes it really easy to navigate to all your tabs and is a lot less confusing than having a pile of 30 tabs at the bottom of your screen.

    Did you try to set "Windows-Tabs position" to Left or Right?

  2. One more thing i read about is Winamp. i run winamp alot and i would like to be able to controll winamp via dc. so i can change songs, play, stop, pause the songs. turn the vol up and down wold be nice too. and maybe be able to put in a togle that are shown in main in a hub when i push one buttom? would it be difficult to get this 3 things in the next version of Apex? :)

    You don't have some money to buy a keyboard with multimedia keys? It can help you to control not only winamp and not only from DC client (but this is a great secret don't tell it anyone :whistling: )

  3. AndryL, погляди в меню хаба, частенько там бывает пункт для указания минимальной шары и слотов с которой можно качать у тебя. По поводу одного слота для юзверя уже поднимался вопрос вот здесь. Краткое содержание: если хаб использует протокол NMDC, то никак не получится. Ограничение скорости отдачи других определить нельзя, не все его вставляют в описание, поэтому и ответных ограничений поставить не удастся.

  4. Translation of the first post:

    How to limit uploading to users with empty share (or with share below some value)?

    How to limit uploading to same user from different hubs simultaneously?

    And also limit uploading to users who have number of slots below some value or speed limit is set to minimum. Thanks.

    To topicstarter: если не можешь/не хочешь задавать вопросы на английском, то создавай темы в русском разделе форума http://forums.apexdc.net/forum/33-russian/

    To moderators: you can move this topic to Russian forum if you wish

  5. ADC has GFI (Get File Info) I believe, how useful that command is I have no idea though.

    GFI requests RES command. Documentation for RES says

    Clients must provide filename, session hash, size and token, but are encouraged to supply additional fields if available. Passive results should be limited to 5 and active to 10.
    So it can be implemented but as it will be non-standard different clients can implement this feature differently or not implement at all.

  6. I do not understand the reason for which you need precisely native controls on each platform... I use Qt for writing my programs that runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X and never had a situation where I needed a native controls on each platform.

    Here is one of the reasons: for example I want to make some Qt-based software look exactly like any other app on my GNOME distro. In order to install it I must first install lots of Qt libraries to make it just work and look like an alien on my system/ What should I do? I should find where to download one small package qgtkstyle which is not in official repo and I should waste my time to find it somewhere in the internet. So in order not to waste lots of time I'll find some app which is providing the same functions drawing all the controls natively without harmonious system of crutches and props and without dancing with the tambourine around my computer

    You must have been lucky making it all work as I've seen a Qt project (not very difficult, written on Windows, using only Qt and standard C functions) which gave about 70 errors during compiling on Linux with the same version of Qt/

  7. I have nothing particularly against Qt but my reasons for favoring wxWidgets is that it can look 100% native on windows (which until proven otherwise is the majority of our userbase).

    It looks native not only on Windows but also on GNOME, Windows Mobile, MacOS (not sure about this, but as it has wxMac port I think it should have native look).

    Also it has an interesting widget wxAuiNotebook that can help Apex to leave its "classic" look. For example my attempt to write code for Zion style tabs in wxWidgets resulted in success (took about half an hour to understand how it works and to write the needed code):


  8. It seems that Apex forum is invaded by PR group of Eiskalt :(

    2)"it is because his OS theme looks ugly" - i am use standart theme in KDE - and programs on wxWidgets looks ugly(they looks non standart in current DE - it does not fix):

    so what? use alternative apps based on Qt instead of wxGTK-based or if you want them to look good change from glamourous fat KDE to GNOME and find a nice theme, as Qt still cannot render GTK apps normally (at contrary GNOME with small qgtkstyle renders Qt-based apps perfectly)

    2 Lee, Crise and other developers: don't listen to this KDE fans and continue developing Apex. Apex is one of several software (and maybe the most important of them) which makes me using Windows more than Linux :)

    to theme: how does default KDE theme look like? wxWidgets use native theme drawing - it looks normal on all Windows version. So I am interested how the app theme is different from KDE theme.

    there is no native wxWidgets version for Qt, right name of Linux version of wxWidgets is wxGTK, so it is renders as native only in GNOME

  9. I used both Qt and wxWidgets and IMHO

    1. wxWidgets is easier than Qt
    2. wxWidgets takes less time to build
    3. wxWidgets uses native platform functions to draw GUI so it is a bit faster than Qt which draws everything by itself
    4. both wxWidgets and Qt have different non-GUI-related classes

    However, I think it is possible to develop both wxWidgets and Qt versions to leave the decision of what version to download to users who don't like to install lots of packages.