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  1. The auto-update feature is still there just disabled... if we get enough feedback asking for it to be re-enabled it will be... but right now you are the first one to make a note of this.

    maybe need auto-update system like utorrent auto-update..

    I can update ApexDC++ but....

    in year 2006 we recommended our abonents StrongDC++ 2.02 some people still use it (screenshot)...

    in year 2008 we recommended our abonents FlylinkDC++ v.(329) many people still use it (screenshot)......

    ApexDC++ with autoupdate... we recommended to users... now auto-update is off... it was terribly...

    many "orcs" can't update client (old version don't work :) )

    "orcs" don't understand why they need to install new version.. (they lazy...)


    maybe you enable auto-update.. :wacko: