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Log file names changed unexpectedly in 1.5.0

Posted by osdjcugyFH on 25 September 2011 - 08:21 PM

There's nothing in the changelog, so this has to be a bug.

In past versions of Apex it seemed that log files were named such that characters that could not be in filenames were replaced with underscores, which makes sense. But with v1.5.0 it seems that at least dot characters are replaced with underscores, even though it is perfectly legitimate for dot characters to appear in filenames.

Please correct this undocumented and presumably accidental change.

Same here, can't open hub logs when rightclick hub tab, it says that log doesn't exist (where I can see them in log folder).

This has been fixed ready for 1.5.2 waiting for testing. Thanks for the report. :)

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